AS YOU WERE: A PUNK COMIX ANTHOLOGY #2: $5, 5½” x 8½”, offset with card stock cover, 80 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

If there are two things I love, it’s independent comics and good punk rock stories. The first issue of As You Were had me totally giddy from this delicious combination, and I’m stoked that its follow-up is another excellent compilation of comix. Number two features stories all about the pit. Between panels of broken glasses and bruised egos are tales of growing up, dealing with anxiety, and becoming comfortable with who you are. As a lady who’s dealt with shitty times in the pit and crippling anxiety, (hi Mitch!) I know this issue will become dog-eared quick. It’s funny, genuinely moving, and worth more than your five dollars. Even if you’ve never been in the pit before, there’s plenty here to relate to. –Candice Tobin (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, 1057 Valencia St., SF, CA94110,