AS YOU WERE: A PUNK COMIX ANTHOLOGY: #1: $5, 5½” x 7½”, offset with cardstock cover, 74 pgs.

Compiled and by Mitch Clem, it’s the first in a themed series that couples punk (sorry, “punx”—what would be the singular of punx?) illustrators to house and basement shows. The results are stellar. It reminds me of classic punk music comps… with pictures. (Dare I say Give ‘Em the Boot II? I kid. It’s like a BloodstainsAcross… comp.) It’s a veritable Who’s Who of contemporary punk illustrators and comic book artists celebrating, questioning (“What’s the opposite of posi?”), and participating in an intimate form of music sharing. It runs the gamut of a small dog accidentally being killed, to issues of self-esteem and self-doubt about not knowing anyone else at the show, to monsters and ghosts populating and playing basements. Some of my favorite artists, in comic book form. Totally worth seeking out and sharing. –Todd Taylor (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, 1057 Valencia St., SF, CA94110,