ARTLESS: Plugged: CD

Assuming that most Razorcake readers are familiar with MRR scribe and perennial fly-in-the-ointment Mykel Board, this is the collected recordings of his punk band, Artless, who were active in the ‘80s. Collected here are tracks culled from the band’s three LPs, and a single or two, plus a few unreleased tracks. As expected considering the source, the lyrics are faux-reactionary in tone to piss off all the lefty sensibilities that permeated the scene back then, with titles like “When You’re My Age You’ll Be Selling Insurance,” “Vegetable Rights,” and “We Want Nuclear War.” The accompanying music is sloppy, mid-tempo for the most part and just as obnoxious as the lyrics. In short, this is the perfect holiday gift for your most cherished Crasshole buddy on whom the humor will be completely lost.

 –jimmy (The Only Label in the World)