Sep 11, 2009

Not to be mixed up with The Artimus Pyle band, featuring the distinctive double bass drumming of the ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd dude. What a downer to read the CD booklet. "Death opens forgotten wounds, misery outlives the man... casket closed in death, just like in miserable life... the endless allegiance to shit." The music's incredible, though, in how well it sets a tremendously fucked-up atmosphere, like choking on the smoke of burning bodies. So scorched, it seems to get in your clothes after you give it a good listen. The more I listen to Artimus Pyle - and no offense to the singer - but I'd really like to hear this instrumentally. His voice is the lacerated goat throat, familiar to the powerviolence genre, and he does a good job, but the music is what really shines darkly on this puppy. It makes me think if Bauhaus cranked it up and went stupid crazy crunchy.

 –todd (Prank)

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