ARTCORE #33: £2.50, 8½” x 12”, 36 pgs.

Sep 22, 2015

Welly continues to set the bar high with the latest issue of this long-running zine. Crammed into this all-U.K. themed installment (minus a rebuttal to last issue’s interview with a couple of Crucifix members penned by their former guitarist Jake Smith) are interviews with Discharge, Die, Violent Reaction, Thirty Six Strategies, Stay Clean Jolene, The No Marks, Bloodbuzz, Broken Cogs, Arms Race, and Tadpole Records, plus some reportage on some U.K. events of recent history. One of the things I love most about this mag is that, as in days of yore when one had to cram as much info as possible into sometimes very limited resources, the interviews and articles convey their intended information succinctly and economically, cutting off the fat so that resulting read is quick but thorough. Not to diss long-form pieces (says the guy notorious for turning in two-part mammoth interviews), but here is compelling evidence that less doesn’t also have to mean less. Also included is a download code for a corker of a “(virtual) vinyl fanzine” featuring many of the bands interviewed in the mag. Badass from cover to cover. –Jimmy Alvarado (Artcore, c/o 27 Llantarnam Rd., Cardiff, CF14 3EF, Wales, United Kingdom,