ARTCORE #32: £5.00, 8½” x 12”, 36 pgs.

Nov 24, 2014

Welly’s been doing this zine since Methuselah was in elementary school, and it’s one of the few I look forward to reading whenever I manage to procure a copy. I reckon this is ‘cause he and I, being around from about roughly the same place on the punk rock time continuum, share similar sensibilities regarding this whole punk thing—while nothing beats learning about a new band that makes your head turn or catching up with an older group that’s still slugging it out in the trenches, it’s also just as cool to get some insight on where we’ve been as a subculture, and how it’s developed and expressed itself elsewhere. To that end, this issue features interviews with Zero Boys, Poison Idea, Grand Collapse, Zero Gain, Lobster Killed Me, 1984 (a “reunion,” of sorts, featuring two former members of Crucifix), Static Shock Records, and Young Conservatives, as well as a couple of “Vaultage” articles on Adrenalin O.D. and Celibate Rifles, a repress of a snarky English article on L.A. punk circa 1979, and an overview of the 1980s Norwegian hardcore scene. As per usual, the whole thing’s well written and put together with obvious care and thought, and includes a little something extra for the dedicated, this time ‘round a repress of the debut EP by old Inland Empire punkers Human Therapy. A great read, from start to finish. –Jimmy Alvarado (Artcore, c/o 27 Llantarnam Rd., Cardiff, CF14 3EF, Wales, UK,