ARTCORE #28: $8.50, 8 ½” x 12”, offset, 40 pgs.

Sep 23, 2011

I’ve been wanting to read this zine for years and am stoked that I finally got a copy. It’s a solid read with a dedicated belief in both punk rock and graphic design. It’s also incredibly refreshing to see a zine that’s been around since 1986 still going strong. This issue features interviews with Young Offenders, The Estranged, Smogtown, and The Arrivals. There are also articles and reprints about The Proletariat, Wipers, and more. Some serious work was put into this thing. For the most part, it looks great. That said, there’s room for improvement. Not to get too nerdy, but some pages were pretty tough to read—a problem that could’ve been solved by widening the column gutters and lightening the background just a smidge. Also, Welly’s interviewed some top-notch bands, but some of them got some pretty generic, softball questions. The reviews aren’t all that in-depth. For a zine that’s been around this long, it’s still shot through with tons of grammatical errors. However, it’s still one of the best zines I’ve seen in the past year, especially considering the fact that it’s essentially the work of one guy. I’ve just read so many things about Artcore having such strong design and art. While it’s got strong elements of both, it could still use some touch-up work. Yet, like I said, it’s still a resoundingly rock solid punk zine. –Keith Rosson (1 Aberdulais Rd., Gabalfa, Cardiff, CF14 2PH, Wales, U.K.)