ART YARD: The Law: 7”

Nov 15, 2011

A very little bit of history about this Boston band, based on the info contained on the insert: The two tracks here date back to a cassette compilation released in 1981, which looks to be the only release they were involved with back when they were active (the two songs here and two more also appeared on 2007’s Boston Underground 1979-82 compilation, according to the Kill from the Heart website) and this release is dedicated to one of the members, who died in 2010. “The Law” is a whip-smart slice of sophisticated pop brilliance that recalls a less abrasive Mission Of Burma. “Something in Your Eyes” is a bit slower, more experimental and akin to 100 Flowers, maybe. Both, however, retain a sense of freshness and vitality that often eludes the lion’s share of their peers, which I guess translates to the fact that this has that much-ballyhooed “timeless” factor to it and I’d bet dollars to donuts that folks would shit their pants if this were a contemporary band. Looks like this is limited to three hundred copies, but it’s definitely worth the mad dash.

 –jimmy (Ride The Snake)