ARRIVALS, THE: Northern Hospitality: 4 Song-CDEP

May 27, 2009

The Arrivals are, without question, my favorite band that I’ve heard in the past year and a half, if not longer. You probably have no idea who they are. You’re not alone. In that time I’ve met two people who have heard them. Two. I was just lucky enough to have someone play them for me after playing with them in Chicago. I was extremely nervous about listening to Northern Hospitality, since to say their full length, Goodbye, New World has been in more than heavy rotation would be so much more than an understatement. I should’ve known better. It kicks my ass for a good solid eight minutes and I keep going back for more. They actually pull off being a band, in the manner that they feed off of one another. Each member is integral to what they create, and what they create is some of the best music out there. Live, you can see how they play off one another, whether it’s their own material or a Van Halen cover thrown in for fun (Say what you will, Van Halen is hard to play!) The lyrics (when you can fully decipher what’s being said) are both intelligent and written to work perfectly with Isaac and Dave’s cadence, but the balance between vocals and music is done so well that the vocals become just another instrument in the equation. “Hearts in the Right Places” is a bittersweet love song done acoustic, but somehow it’s still rough. Two of the tracks will be on their next release, Songs in the Key of Obligation, which hopefully frees them from Thick so they can get a label who knows how to promote them even just little. Get your hands on anything you can find by these guys. Your life will be better for it, well at least your record collection.

 –megan (Thick)

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