ARRIVALS, THE: Marvels of Industry: CD

Sep 19, 2007

Top ten of 2007. There can’t be ten other records that eclipse it. No fucking way. The Arrivals have been flirting with making this LP for a long, long time and they hit the bull’s-eye. (And their first two LPs didn’t slouch in the slightest. See cover of Razorcake #12.) You see, in a different time and place, they’d just be known as a well-loved, hard-rocking band. Their talent and passion is obvious. But in this modern world where people want their music to come through robotic filters and PR firms, to fit into a microgenre that’ll be praised then reproached in the span of a year, they’re an anomaly: a band who can just as easily play blues and blaze through covers of “Hot for Teacher,” but have chosen the strongest voice—their own. With Marvels of Industry, both Isaac and Little Dave’s voices seem more strident, the words blooming and booming from their throats, distinct and electric. I still contend that Ronnie’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen; he’s like a gorilla who both mauls and protects his kit; I swear he’s got an extra arm tucked away somewhere. And with the addition of Paddy Costello of the perpetually “we’re recording soon” Dillinger Four on bass, I think the Arrivals have written and performed America’s next national anthem in fourteen verses. Well, for me at least. Wow.

 –todd (Recess)