ARMING THE STRIPPER #2: $3, 8 ½” x 5 ½”, copied, 28 pgs.

Mar 07, 2013

This is Danielle’s new one about stripping in Portland. I liked the first issue, but I think the writing is much stronger this time around: vignettes about fake boobs, drug use in the industry, interactions with various customers, and more slice-of-life anecdotes. Danielle’s perspective provides a pretty fascinating and articulate look at a club’s inner workings— and I think it’s also worth noting that she doesn’t feel damaged by the job. In fact, she thinks it rules, at least most of the time. The layout is pretty standard cut-and-paste, but the visuals do consist mostly of naked ladies, so there’s that. Nicely done. –Keith Rosson (Dani Kordani, 4011 NE Garfield Ave., Portland, OR97212)