ARMALITE: Humongous: 7”EP

May 01, 2012

If you’ve been into punk rock for more than a couple years, chances are you make rules for yourself. Here’s one of mine. The difference between a band and a “band” is that they have to write, play, and record at least one new song every ten years. X is a “band.” Descendents are a band. It takes a lot for me to ever go see a “band.” As we all know, nostalgia’s expensive and I’m not talking the price of admission. Armalite were coasting up to their ten-year mark since their one and only LP. Armalite features Atom (of …And His Package, chemistry and physics teacher), Dan Yemin (Ph.D., Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black), Jeff Ziga (tricycle operator/co-owner Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Affirmative Action Jackson), and Mike McKee (Kill the Man Who Questions, fan of Flag Of Democracy). There’s a light-handed clown/professor, Chuck D/Flavor Flav dynamic in Armalite that makes it all work. Atom sounds like puberty. Dan’s guitar sounds like it’s laying a trap made by a smart brain. So it’s Sid and Marty Krofft in one ear, Decontrol (not SSD; the Philly one, with the motorcycles) in the other, and they get a ten-year punch on their card, to continue being a band, not a “band.” A totally respectable and pleasing way to hear a band age.

 –todd (No Idea,

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