ARMADA, LA: Crisis: 12” EP

The intensity of a Costa Rican Bad Brains weaned on Dillinger Escape Plan but actually producing memorable hardcore, La Armada will burn your show space down with sheer power and technical virtuosity. Six tracks, including a Bad Brains medley, that swing from shred to breakdown while keeping the actual tunes fresh in your mind. The group is now based in Chicago, but with song titles like “Vincho Leonelista” and “Obsolescencia,” one is lead to believe La Armada is still writing lyrics with their distinct South American perspective, but lacking a lyric sheet, a listener has no way of verifying. However, pre-orders did come with a bonus Unbaptismal Certificate, solidifying their vocal distaste for organized Christian religion. Snatch this one up. 

 –Matt Seward (Fat Sandwich, / Profane Existence, / Puercords)