ARMADA, LA: Crisis: 12”EP

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Chicago’s La Armada has been bringing the “Latino Hardcore Fury” to audiences for nearly ten years. Crisis is the follow-up to the band’s 2012 self-titled debut on label Fat Sandwich. That album was a milestone for La Armada as they transformed from the more straightforward hardcore punk sound of previous albums and drew in a wider array of influences spanning punk, hardcore, and metal. Crisis is a natural extension of that forward evolution. Combining such an array of influences can be difficult to pull off, but La Armada’s songwriting and their musicianship are more than up to the challenge. Few current bands can rival them in terms of technical skill, never mind having the chemistry these guys have after playing together for so long. Crisisincludes not only a number of ripping new songs, but also allows the band a moment to reflect on their roots. One track on side A of the record is them blasting through a medley of Bad Brains covers “Don’t Need It/Attitude/Shitfit,” as seamlessly as if they’d written the songs themselves. The record features creepy-looking apocalyptic cover art and comes with a lyric sheet that includes English translations of their lyrics, a fold out poster, and an “UnBaptismal certificate.” The certificate details crimes of the church and encourages listeners to renounce their Christian faith. It fits the anti-religious and radical political messages of the band. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Fat Sandwich, [email protected])