Arise! Atlas: By The Arise! Collective, 142 pgs.

Nov 19, 2008

A guidebook is a difficult piece of material to review, especially if you’ve never been to the area. I have never been to Minneapolis or Saint Paul—the cities covered in this book—but with pages upon pages mapping out green spaces, vegetarian restaurants, collective and cooperative spaces, I’m going to assume that it’s a highly useful tool to bring along if you’re visiting the Twin Cities and want to see more than the Mall of America. Flipping through the Arise! Atlas filled me with more of the location envy I get every time I read a zine detailing all the cool adventures of Minneapolis punks. I’m going to hold onto this book for the day when I can visit the Twin Cities and see it all for myself. –Lauren Trout (Arise! Bookstore, 2441 Lynndale Ave S., Minneapolis, MN55405)