ARGUMENT 5.45: Atavism: CD

Jan 19, 2012

Heavy modern hardcore, all the way from Moscow. They definitely have listened to a lot of ‘90s bands like Integrity, Acme, Starkweather, and the rest. The music is more metal than punk: the song structures are complex, time changes galore, crushing wall of guitar, and a vocalist who sounds like he’s in constant agony. This is not my favorite style of music, but they do a good job of it, and, unlike a lot of current bands of this genre, Argument 5.45 never stray into that shitty emo sing-songy stuff. They keep the music direct and pummeling. This disc is limited to 250 copies, housed in a tin with cards for lyric sheets, adorned with some awesome artwork from Seryozha “Milkpack” Parshakov.

 –M.Avrg (OSK,