ARDILLAS: Self-titled: LP

Mar 27, 2012

Picked this up from my local record shop after Davila 666 last came through town —guess they sold a few copies to the store. Ardillas (which the Internet translates from Spanish to mean either “squirrel” or, as an adjective, “sharp, clever”) hail from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and features two members of Davila 666. Even considering them the separate bands they are, I can’t help but hear some similarities (they share a drummer so the drums are bombastic and fill-happy) but there are enough differences to distinguish the two (the mix isn’t completely drenched in reverb; songs are less noisy.) According to the internet, this band has been around for ten years! The songs are anthemic, punk pop, part Sex Pistols (the snot), part Dead Boys (the big drum sound and the snot), with the occasional guitar heroics (“Todo Es Mierda”). Marble gray vinyl adds a nice touch.

 –Sal Lucci (Chacho, [email protected])

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