Sep 16, 2011

I’m a bit slow at times. My mind gets lost with all the information out there. Heard about this band from Portland and the great reviews they were receiving. I put it on my mental list and filed it away. A 7” came out. Forgot to buy it. They came through town and I missed the show. A split came out afterwards and forgot to buy that. When I saw a pre-sale for a new full length, I sent my money before I got sidetracked. Luckily, I acted quickly. The LP sold out quickly. A repress is in the works, due to its demand. So my thoughts about the album? Fantastic! I am a big nerd for female-fronted bands. So brownie point number one. I’m on a big post punk kick lately. They fill that and more by incorporating anarcho punk and solid rocking rhythms that have punk energy. It’s like taking the solid punk foundation of Signal Lost and adding a more brooding sound that Witch Hunt had on their last record. The guitar work is immaculate; creating textures and emotions that a band like the Red Dons use to maximum advantage. The eight songs that are provided are well crafted and feel like they went through the maturity process before being released. I hope this band doesn’t implode too soon before I can experience more. For my first introduction, like heroin, I want more.

 –don (Inimical)