ARCTIC FLOWERS: Procession: 12” EP

I can’t be the only one who wishes that funeral songs were more catchy and less mopey. Arctic Flowers agrees. They play up early ‘80s goth to the hilt: quasi-Egyptian symbology? Check. (No ankh, but the “Eye of Horus” eyeball.) Ruins and/or druids and/or crop-circley imagery? Check. At least a couple of early Siouxie, Bauhaus, Super Heroines, and/or 45 Grave records in heavy rotation? Check. We’re in the midst of a slew of music revivals and jokes I haven’t used in decades are coming back to me: What’s worse than someone throwing up into your mouth? A dead person throwing up into your ears. Kidding aside—I listened to this type of stuff a lot growing up because that’s how the punk/goth detente was established in the mid- to late-‘80s when punk was sucking wind. The good news is that Arctic Flowers fall on the Christian Death/actual good punk band playing somber music side of the equation. They match the ooky-spooky with pumping blood and actual guitars and drums, not Casios keyboards overladen with effects. Nice.

 –todd (Self-released, distro’d by Feral Ward)