ARCADE INFERNO: This Gent's a Scoundrel: CD

Feb 15, 2006

Florida band's three-song sampler from an upcoming full-length. Apparently, the band is kaput after a brutal fall tour. Too bad. I dug the stuff I got on this taster. "Who Gave Ooner the Dope?" features some cool guitar lines that chug along like a freshman at his first kegger. "Lee's Dead on Alt. 19" was also quite pleasing, and usually I don't like these scream-at-full-volume vocals; this was an exception. The EP takes a complete 180 with "Admission to a Blowbird": acoustic guitar with a cello and singing like Gordon Gano on vocals. For some reason it reminds me of the Replacements' first B-side that Westerberg did solo. I'm sure the whole CD delivers, so buy it before it dissolves itself out of print.

 –koepenick (ADD)