ARAB STRAP: The Last Romance: CD

Jun 19, 2007

Although Arab Strap may seem like a relative newcomer to many, this Scottish duo has actually been around for ten years. In fact, they were helping out Songs:Ohia on their Axxess and Ace album that came out back in 1999, so they’ve definitely been around the block a few times. Despite opening up for Bright Eyes last year and starting to achieve the early stages of what some might call “indie fame,” much of this doesn’t tread any new ground for the indie rock scene. It seems much like most other indie sounds with Scottish vocals attached. And while those Scottish vocals can be endearing, they do take a while to get used to for those of us used to hearing American or even British vocals. Some of the songs are acoustic, others seem more traditional lighter indie rock fare, but nothing seems too dangerous and the whole time I can’t help but think of the 1990s Scottish alternative band Whipping Boy that no one but my friend Jason or I seem to remember.

 –kurt (Transdreamer)