AQUARIUM, THE: Self-titled: CD

May 10, 2007

There is so much going on here, but not in a way that would turn you off. No. Let me start over. The Aquarium consists of two people: one playing drums and one playing keyboards and singing. That’s it. But the sound that jumps out of the speakers is so full you’d call me a liar in ten seconds flat. This album reminds me a bit of ‘70s acid-influenced synthpop (as opposed to ‘80s coke-influenced synthpop), and at the same time the music is refreshingly not a rehash. So many influences can be heard throughout the disc like The Cure, The Gossip, Weezer, and Juliana Hatfield, to name a few. Really great stuff. Apparently when they play live they also run random movie clips too, and that kind of stuff is always a plus. Now, if I were making a movie…track one would be the soundtrack to the undercover cops meeting at the strip club to discuss the current situation and to deliberate where to go next. You bet I would.

 –mrz (Dischord)