Jul 05, 2001

In all regrettable likelihood, this would musically be categorized as emo, but Apparatus Engine energetically unleash a pristinely flowing and intricately fluid assemblage of well-structured songs that are mellow and fully developed, yet possessing an underlying sense of urgency. The complex and intriguing instrumentation sonorously soars, floats, and then frenetically cuts loose at all the right moments... the vocals are soft, lilting, and not redundantly whiney in the least. After just a couple of intensely pleasurable listens, I'm charmed, tantalized, and titillated to no end by this hypnotically wondrous disc... it's better than good, by gawd and damnit to hell!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Creep Records, PMB 220, 252 E. Market St., West Chester, PA 19382;

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