Jul 25, 2002

Apparatus Engine skillfully churn out immaculately structured indie-rock/emo emissions dipped deep into a huge vat of scalding emotional kineticism. Their songs are intricate, richly textured musical collages of poignant and riveting divinity that profoundly stir the loftiest of feelings within a person’s soul. The instrumentation is complex and proficiently constructed. The vocals convey passion and spirited zeal with a Geddy Lee-like nasal flow. Last Place careen forward with a ferocious outburst of heart-wrenching sonic nervousness that floored me flat on my face within mere minutes. This, too, could probably be appropriately categorized as emo-tinged indie-rock effervescence, but certainly not the “my pussy is severely hurting” variety. Last Place fitfully rant, rave, and rage like Tool being repeatedly dunked into a red-hot cauldron of boiling, fury-inducing water. The vocalist sporadically screams with such temperamental fierceness, it peeled the flesh straight off my bones. The volatile and leering instrumentation rapidly punctured my eardrums until I damn near bled to death. Yes indeedy, kiddies, this is one helluva diverse and colorful release, so I suggest ya dip into the college savings funds that your parents have been eagerly stashing away for you, and buy this noggin-thumpin’ disc at any and all costs.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Apparatus Engine and Last Place)