Sep 18, 2015

This is Appalachian Terror Unit’s second full-length record, though they’ve released a fair amount of 7”s including a split with Oi Polloi, long time players in the political punk game. If I was in high school, or just getting into punk at any age, this record is a great snapshot of the world we’re living in. “Casualties of a Rape Culture” hits on some real heavy subjects that are so fucking important to be talking about. For most of the song the vocals are spoken, covering terrible things that are said to women. The track reminds me of War On Women’s “YouTube Comments,” with lyrics like, “You were drinking so what did you expect? Maybe not to be treated like a fucking object.” The next track is “Officer Down,” which doesn’t actually advocate killing cops, just the healthy distrust of the men and women in uniform. A few weeks ago I was walking to work when three cop cars rolled up on me because I matched the description of a prowler in the neighborhood. They found out I carried a box knife and held my arms behind my back for several minutes before telling me what was going on. An SUV pulled up, confirmed I was not the prowler in question, and I was free to go. This track became an instant catharsis for my own personal experience. The cover art of the record is a gorgeous scene of a punk utopia with bonfires, dogs, books, music, and loving punk parents, right next to a bone yard littered with crosses, TVs, skyscrapers, and cash. On side B there is one track that is the entire length of side A’s six tracks. It’s the titular track that describes every shitty thing in the capitalist society that we live in, as well as the place we should strive to achieve. 

 –Kayla Greet (Profane Existence, / Ruin Nation, / Skuld Releases,

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