May 07, 2015

With Midwestern vibes and feel-bad hooks, Apocalypse Meow performs punk in the tradition of Environmental Youth Crunch, Sicko, and Carrie Nations. The songs are welcoming and familiar, like your cat or dog nipping at your toes. “Awkward Boy” is the highlight. Flip the record; Todd Congelliere is the ringleader behind Toys That Kill, F.Y.P, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and Recess Records, yet somehow, Todd finds time to put out solo releases regularly. His songs are stripped-down and homemade, with enough warm reverb to fill the space between your ears. “Dead ELian” thumps like an URTC B side, and “My Candidate” is gleeful and tongue-in-cheek carnival pop. Together, both songs are under four minutes, so be prepared to repeatedly restart your record player. This is the perfect 7” for those seeking to be musically covered by a dryer-fresh blanket—so cozy. 

 –Sean Arenas (Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.com)