APOCALYPSE MEOW: Baseball and Alcohol: 7” EP

Sep 24, 2014

“I just want to be the goddamn MVP for the Minneapolis Protest Punk Baseball League”—now come on, that’s got to be one of the best lines in any song, punk rock or otherwise. Apocalypse Meow remind me a hell of a lot of Sicko, playing pop punk that is loose yet just within the boundaries of being under control to stop it from becoming too sloppy and chaotic. Just like Sicko, Apocalypse Meow manages to crank out a hatful of perkiness and do so with much aplomb. The band consists of a pair of Sundowners and a member of Off With Their Heads, for anyone who is interested in the pedigree of the band’s personnel. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Dirt Cult)