APESHIT: Self-titled: EP and CD

Nov 11, 2009

Oh jesus, it’s like the late ‘90s have come back to haunt us already! C’mon, at least give us another ten years before recycling “screamo” hardcore. Seriously, that was, and obviously still is, one of the most horrible genres of the many splintered world of punk. In/humanity were good, but that’s all I can remember in a positive light. While Apeshit certainly live up to their name, with their fast and frantic songs, the overall effect is blehhh.... Each song is tuneless as hell, and the singer screams and rants in a near indecipherable manner. Pretentious lyrics that are unclear and so dull they don’t deserve pondering, beyond thinking, “What is this shit?!” Maybe they rip it up live, who knows? But this record is forgettable.

 –M.Avrg (Mother Chorizo, myspace.com/motherchorizorecords)