APERS, THE: The Buzz Electric: CD

Jul 01, 2003

Rotterdam's finest (and who are you to say otherwise?) appear to be attempting to recast Screeching Weasel's Wiggle in their own 21st Century image (or perhaps merely for King & Country), and bearing in mind that the elapsed time between That and This is now in excess of a full decade, that's not the fool's quest one might initially dismiss it as. However, whilst Wiggle's greatest strength of substance was its more-or-less nuts-on depiction of twentysomething disillusionment 'n' survival and its greatest strength of structure was shaking up its own "Crying in My Beer" status quo at the two-thirds-thru mark with a pair of punk-and-nothing-but crankers (the Teenage Head cover and "Automatic Rejector"), The Buzz Electric, seemingly by its own admission, presents its own style AS the primary stuff of its substance (i.e., pop-punk for pop-punk's sake), and its sole stylistic shakeup two-thirds of the way in is a "Too Many Twinkies"/"I Can't Stop Farting" Queers type number, "Too Many Backpacks at the Show." I mean, essentially, the Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice is in place, but the whole concoction still seems a bit scant on the Element X? ? and like most native English speakers, i continue to maintain the possibly ridiculously naive viewpoint that European bands would be capable of creating a much more effective Rock'n'Roll Powerpuff? Girl if they sang at least portions of each song in their native tongue. They'd be number Ain with a bullet! BEST SONG: "Almost Summer" BEST SONG TITLE: "Too Many Backpacks at the Show" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Since, in every other picture of Jerry Hormone i have, he's either kissing our bass player or grabbing my crotch with his pants around his knees, i was very enheartened to see him depicted in the company of females herein.

–norb (Stardumb)