The Apeshits: Sonofabitch. Just when I think I’ve had my fill of straight-ahead, dirty rock’n’roll, I’m reminded that I’m just tired of bands doing it wrong. Texas is the answer, once again. The Ape Shits berserk-out like simians getting their fur singed by lightning and are fueled by Sandman-like wrestling chops, Beerland swagger, and AC/DC Motardation. I like. The Gash: Makes me sad when you pick up a piece of vinyl and it’s a good band’s epitaph. The Gash—which included Joe of the Marked Men—took an approach akin to the Young Lion’s Conspiracy: existential anguish, revolutionary rhetoric, steak knives, and the bloody dissection of morphophonemics to rediscover rock’n’roll in its primal sense. In other words, they cut the crap, plucked out the heart, kept it simple, and rocked it like the best of lo-fi Denton on shitty equipment. High Tension Wires and Chop Sakis fans take note.

 –todd (Big Action)