APACHE DROPOUT: Bubblegum Graveyard: LP

I was hesitant to review this album initially since I’m friends with the group and was in a band with vocalist/guitarist Sonny Alexander. But hey—I didn’t buy too many new records this month, so here I go! Second full-length from these Bloomington, IN rockers and their second release on Chicago, IL label Trouble In Mind. I don’t want to say this album is more straight-forward than their last, but the vibe is less eerie and the vocals are less reverb-y. Apache Dropout often gets tagged as “psych,” but I don’t necessarily agree (I’d consider ‘em more Troggsian). They obviously rock in a ‘60s way, but avoid the trappings of what I associate with psych, like silly analogies to tangerine dreams and green grass skies. The songs’ subject matter is pretty reality-based, like long drives in the Midwest (“I-80”) or powerful orgasms (“Katie Verlaine”). Good bass tone that grooves. Drums are low in the mix and keep the drive simple, what we around here call the “caveman beat.” Drummer Seth Mahern was the singer of the late John Wilkes Booze, Sonny is/was/will be in too many bands to remember and bassist Nathan, well you know what, I can’t remember off the top of my head what other bands Nathan has been in, besides the greatest frat rock cover band since The Sonics, Sir Déjà Doog And The Wasted Knights.

 –Sal Lucci (Trouble In Mind)