ANTISEEN: The Boys from Brutalsville: CD

Sep 11, 2009

This is a thundering cannonball's roar of redneck punkrock ferocity that caused me to frightfully shiver, nervously chew my fingernails, and then profusely poop my pants... yep, it's that damn intimidating... rude, rowdy, crude, and trashy as fuck! Envision, if you will, a scumrock Motorhead as a lawless bunch of wild-eyed whiskey-guzzlin' Southern good ol' boys on a sonically murderous shotgun-blastin' rampage... yeeeee-motherfuckin'-haw, that's the musically criminal miscreance of Antiseen! Son of a bitch, these hellraisin' white-trash hedonists sound as if they piss napalm and shit chunky shards of fiery smokin' shrapnel on a daily basis! Absolutely terrorizing, but in the best way imaginable!

 –guest (TKO)

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