ANTISEEN: Sweet Blood Call: 7”

Jul 06, 2011

After the piles and piles of 7”s ANTiSEEN released over the years, do you really need one more in your collection? Yes, you do. Revitalized by a new bass player and drummer, Charlotte mainstays ANTiSEEN are better than ever with this new record. Yet another accomplishment in their unique repertoire. This fancily packaged 7” comes with a download card for the digital geek in the house and boasts two tracks, “Sweet Blood Call” and ANTiSEEN’s version of the classic “Black Eyed Susie.” The latter of the two tracks features Joe Buck, who adds to the stellar mix of ANTiSEEN’s rendition of the familiar old time song. Already a staple in their live sets, the recorded version of “Black Eyed Susie” does not disappoint. No one’s getting a black eye after gifting this record.

 –Art Ettinger (Rusty Knuckles,

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