ANTISEEN: Screamin’ Bloody Live: video-enhanced CD

Jan 29, 2009

What we have here is the latest sonic assault of roarin’, rootin’-tootin’ Antiseen fury! It’s loud, live, violent, and brutal; fuelled by a barrel full of Jack Daniels and a washtub brimming with homemade meth. This is the auditory equivalent of a monster truck rally, Armageddon, and a pro-wrestling tag-team match between Godzilla, Gigantor, King Kong, and Satan himself! Antiseen pack an explodin’ cannon ball’s wrath of frenetic unrelenting aggression into this performance, and it sounds uncannily like a ragtag troop of Confederate forces shelling the fuck outta a garrison of blue-bellied Yankee sons-of-bitches. Indeed, if this crazed quartet of rough’n’rowdy good ol’ boys had been fighting alongside their Johnny Reb brethren during the Civil War, we’d all be full-fledged card-carryin’ members of the Confederacy of Scum right about now. Yeeeeehaw, motherfuckers, Antiseen are the undisputed ragin’ aural warriors of the New South! Kiddies, beware: this dastardly lil’ disc is definitely not for lily-livered politically correct pussies. If you unfortunately fall into that category, go play some of your cuddly-sweet emo music and drown your putrid lil’ miseries in a big ol’ glass of latte. Amen and a-burrrrrppp… –Roger Moser, Jr

 –guest (TKO)