ANTISEEN: One Live Sonofabitch and a Hell of a Lot More: 2CD + DVD

Aug 07, 2006

Ugh. Now I realize why I never really got into these guys—a double CD of live tunes and outtakes from the early- to mid- ‘90s, and mindless thuggery galore. Don’t get me wrong—there are some interesting bits on the CDs, but thirty-two tracks is simply too much to take; I like my thuggery as much as anyone else, but it gets old pretty quick. And the production isn’t that great, so I kept switching over to Julie Andrews songs to balance out the bad karma just created. Regarding the DVD, the live stuff is more of the same, but now you’ve gotta look at them. HOWEVER, the Destructo Video included herein was actually fairly interesting and entertaining; if you’re a fan, I suppose that in itself will be worth the price.

 –Eric Carlson (Steel Cage)

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