ANTiSEEN: New Blood: CD

Sep 05, 2012

I’ve been singing ANTiSEEN’s praises since becoming a fan in the early 1990s and will continue to do so. 2013 will mark their thirtieth year, which is no small shakes for a band of any genre, let alone one that formed during hardcore’s heyday. Staying true to form after three full decades, ANTiSEEN retains their unique sound, playing Ramones-influenced punk through heavily distorted guitars, with a pinch of country and hardcore thrown into the mix. This thirteen-song collection was released in conjunction with their 2012 European tour and it collects songs from various singles from the last few years. Their current lineup is as good or better as any they’ve had, with their live shows consistently kicking ass. My favorite of the original songs included here is the instant classic “Curses,” with covers of the Ramones hit “Chainsaw” and the traditional tune “Black Eyed Susie” being two of the other standout tracks. ANTiSEEN fans will love this album, as will anyone willing to give them a chance. Always prolific, especially in terms of putting out 7”s, how many more ANTiSEEN releases will emerge in their upcoming fourth decade as a band? Bring them on!

 –Art Ettinger (Switchlight,

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