ANTISEEN / MEATMEN: The Tribute with Two Heads: Split 7”

Jul 18, 2014

Two squads of tenured fiends deliver high concept goon-rock by the pitchforkful, each contributing one song about permanently lapsed scum-rocker GG Allin, as well as a cover of one of the Sex Pistols’ viler numbers. Whilst I am inclined to give the nod to the hairy brutes of Antiseen for the better GG song, due to the sheer beller-along catchiness of “G.G. PHD,” ((though Tesco’s “rest in feces GG you smelly fuck!” quip closes out the Meatmen’s “Rock & Roll Enema,” with a classy flourish)), it’s the Meatmen’s cover of “Bodies,” that wins the day—a rib-splittin’ remake even fouler than the original, and actually the best cover of the song I’ve ever heard. YOU’LL DIAGRAM THAT LAST SENTENCE IN HELL, SATAN!!! BEST SONG: The Meatmen, “Bodies.” BEST SONG TITLE: Actually, “Belsen Was a Gas,” “G.G. PHD,” “Bodies,” and “Rock & Roll Enema,” are all good song titles. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Cover art is taken from the movie poster for 1973’s The Thing with Two Heads, where a racist white dude’s head is transplanted onto former NFL star Rosie Grier’s body. 

 –norb (TKO)

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