ANTISEEN: Live Possum!: CD

May 28, 2014

In 1994, I thought that punk was ancient since the Ramones were on a twentieth anniversary tour, but now punk is turning forty, with hardcore-era bands like ANTiSEEN having thirtieth anniversaries. 2013 marked ANTiSEEN’s thirtieth year as a band, which, of course, included a big anniversary show with special guests. They also played several gigs with classic lineups from their past, including the Eat More Possum and Here to Ruin Your Groove rosters. This isn’t ANTiSEEN’s first live album, but it’s a great one. Playing songs not just from the fan favorite Eat More Possum LP, they rip through many other hits, especially from their earlier years. A sad fact about live records is that they’re usually only for diehard fans, with a handful of exceptions to that rule. But this album does not disappoint and is so chock full of energy, it could serve as a nifty introduction to ANTiSEEN to the uninitiated. ANTiSEEN remains steadfast in a scene that that’s given them mixed levels of support over the years. Don’t fear ANTiSEEN! 

 –Art Ettinger (Jailhouse)