Charlotte’s AntiSeen remains one of the most unique, distinct, long-term players in punk. The legendary Jeff Clayton and Joe Young are now joined by a new bassist and drummer for this killer six-song recording. Here they pay tribute to their classic punk roots with covers of “Belsen Was a Gas” by the Sex Pistols and “The Witch” by the Sonics. There are also two terrific new songs and two live tracks. AntiSeen will remain overlooked by the majority of knee-jerk clowns in this subculture, but those who give them a chance are always spellbound by their signature blend of ‘77 punk and hardcore with a tinge of country. Hölley 750 gets the honor of sharing this split CD and they’re a fun, scummy band in their own right. Hailing from Denver, they play self-described “trucker punk,” with sadistic, snarled vocals and a bit of a late 1980s thrash/crossover influence. Their half of the split includes a well-done cover of Motörhead’s “Ramones.” Like AntiSeen, Hölley 750 straddles the fine line of being “anti-scene” while simultaneously adding so much to that same scene they decry. There’s an After School Special-esque message in all of this. Think about it.

 –Art Ettinger (Zodiac Killer,