Aug 06, 2009

Okay, great band. Mediocre CD littered with bad ideas. All cover songs here. Cover songs aren’t necessarily a bad thing but you have to be careful what you cover. For instance, if you are a redneck rock’n’roll band, a Curtis Mayfield cover might not sound too good… and it doesn’t. Neither does a Bob Dylan cover or a Sun Ra cover. There are many bad ideas here but there are some good ones, too. A Hank Williams Sr. cover is a good idea if you are that kinda band. So is a Roy Orbison cover. Now, if you are standing next to the CD controller where you have easy access to the skip button, then it doesn’t sound too bad at all. So, bottom line is, if you are a diehard AntiSeen fan, pick this up. Otherwise, find any one of their other albums.

 –toby (Steel Cage)

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