ANTiSEEN: Falls Count Anywhere: CD

Jan 11, 2013

Much like how many of us wouldn’t know who Pol Pot was but for a certain classic Dead Kennedys song, most of what I know about wrestling comes from ANTiSEEN lyrics. Falls Count Anywhere compiles ten of their wrestling songs. Eight of the ten tracks are originals and all but their cover of “Badstreet USA” were previously released. This CD came out in conjunction with a rare ANTiSEEN performance at a wrestling event. Some of the very best, catchiest ANTiSEEN songs revolve around wrestlers, so it’s cool to have them all in one place. The tide is turning for ANTiSEEN, now in their thirtieth year as a band, as it seems that more and more folks are embracing them. Unique on so many levels, ANTiSEEN kicks as much ass as the wrestling characters portrayed in the songs on Falls Count Anywhere.

 –Art Ettinger (Rusty Knuckles,

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