Aug 12, 2006

A venerated, age-old approach that we wily music critics like to use in reviewing “splits” like this, is to pit the two bands against one another in a sort of fictional brawl. And if there was ever a split that perfectly lends itself to the brawl motif, it’s this one; two of the more bruising, brawling bands around, both sonically and physically speaking—brought head to head on none other than TKO Records. It’s a natural. But this one turns out to be a bit of an upset, at least the way I score it. I expected the brutish hillfolk of Antiseen to rip open a can of whoop-ass with the few teeth they have left in their heads and tear the EF boys apart like hapless chickens in a geek pit. You see, over the past few years, I had started to think Electric Frankenstein had lost its electricity, so to speak; that they were a soft, pudgy, couch potato-y version of their former mighty self. Whoa, son, was I wrong. At least this time around. They come ripping out of their corner and bullwhip the mammoth hillbillies around the ring like cheap beanbags with ratty hair. All right, I’m exaggerating a little bit; it’s not that much of a lopsided ass-beating. To be fair, the Antiseen song isn’t bad at all. It chugs and growls in typical Antiseen fashion but it’s just a bit sloggy and uninspired sounding, at least compared to the EF song. It fries my ass a bit that they’d go to all the bother of putting out a record with only two songs on it, especially with bands of the caliber of Antiseen and EF, but this one’s worth dropping a couple bucks on regardless.

 –aphid (TKO)

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