ANTILLECTUAL: Perspectives & Objectives: CD/LP

Nov 13, 2013

Dutch punk band Antillectual is back with a fourth album, albeit the first one I’ve heard so far (a situation that since writing this review has been remedied). I got hold of a copy of Perspectives & Objectives after recently seeing the band live and although the music is pretty good, it was more the message that hooked me in. In terms of the musical content, there is obviously a strong skate punk influence but that’s far from the be all and end all for Antillectual. Some of the tracks have a more pop/rock orientated sound, which offers up a slightly more relaxed feel to the record, allowing the messages to come through in a calm way. The lyrics deal with issues such as bullying, the lack of women at punk shows, and also the need to not settle for a life that doesn’t feature new experiences displaying a socially aware outlook. There are definitely some similarities to Bad Religion and Crazy Arm, both musically and lyrically, to be heard at times and neither of those are bad things in my book.

 –guest (Lockjaw, [email protected],