ANTIDOTE: Thou Shalt Not Kill: 7"

Dec 28, 2010

Antidote were one of the bands in the first wave of NYHC, along with the likes of Reagan Youth, the Bad Brains, and the False Prophets. Their importance in the “history” of the scene is that they were more in line with bands like Agnostic Front or Warzone, but released this record a couple of years before any those bands got their footing, so they can be pointed to as the “originators” of that NYHC style. The production is above par for the era, and there are some genuinely exciting moments like the killer breakdown on “Foreign Job-Lot.” Bridge 9 has done some great reissues in the past (Project X, The Trouble, Agnostic Front), and them releasing this makes sense to me. I think it’s a good thing for them to do because they reach a lot of kids who wouldn’t otherwise check out or have access to older hardcore. That being said, I think the record is great as a time piece; but I know for a fact that my hardcore archival nerd-dom affects my opinion on this more than just a little, and the passive listener should stick to the aforementioned bands.

 –Ian Wise (Bridge 9)

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