ANTICHRIS & THE RAPED: The Raped and Dead or Alive: CDEP

Apr 05, 2006

Two discs of atonal, bass-less thrash. The “studio” tracks on The Raped EP sound like they were recorded on a boom box set in a metal shed, and the additional live tracks, although better in sound, really don’t add much. Dead or Alive is a live set containing what are essentially different versions of the same songs on the other disc. I’m assuming that the titles and lyrics to songs like “Every Girl Is a Goddamn Whore,” “Dead Beat Wife/Beat Wife Dead,” “Faggot Sandwich” and “I Walked Up and Kicked the Bitch in the Teeth” are total jokes, but it’s kinda hard to tell given that the lyrics I’m able to decipher have no sense of sarcasm to them.

 –jimmy (We Are Going to Eat You)