May 21, 2010

A couple items before I get in to the meat of the review: first, the record comes on a slab of solid red vinyl, which I greatly prefer to clear red vinyl. It is much easier to find individual tracks when you want to do that. Secondly, I started this off on the wrong speed and didn’t notice until I got to the vocals. Slowed down, it sounded like it was some heavy, sludgy, lost track from Bleach. Played at the appropriate speed, it’s some seriously catchy fuzz pop similar to that played by fellow North Carolina statesmen Archers Of Loaf or Superchunk. A lo-fi recording with slightly off-kilter vocals, this record definitely benefits by showing off its blemishes, as notes of naïveté and sincerity run from start to finish. The songs are sweet and playful without being cute or cloying and are more than worthy of repeated listens.

 –Jeff Proctor (