ANTI-SYSTEM: Self-titled: CD

May 05, 2011

Anti-System were an English band closely tied to that country’s legendary early ‘80s anarcho-punk scene. What set them apart from many of their peers was their adherence to a thrashier sound more along the lines of the UK82 crop of bands than the almost artsy approach of bands like Poison Girls, Crass, and The Mob. The tunes here, pulled from assorted demos, albums, and EPs, show the band’s progression from some raging hardcore to a slower, yet no less intense sound. Despite numerous spelling errors, the packaging is top notch, with the CD accompanied by a thick booklet crammed with old fanzine interviews, informational flyers the band ostensibly once distributed, photos, and even the band’s family tree. Kudos all the way ‘round here. –Jimmy Alvarado

 –jimmy (Anti-Society,[email protected])