ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE: We Are the League: 12”

May 28, 2014

I literally laughed when I saw this record sitting in a pile because it brought me back to my teenage years just looking at the cover and I thought it would be a fun listen, like watching an old movie thinking about how strange it was that you used to take it so seriously. Instead, I got a half an hour of kicking myself because I had forgotten just how fucking catchy all these songs are. While this is a far cry from an “essential” punk record by “rock” standards (I’m talking about London Calling and Road to Ruin), it really stands out as a great genre piece. Though it’s typically passed off as a cute piece of smarmy early punk in lieu of the more serious bands like Blitz or the 4-Skins, the League wrote songs that were somehow more accessible than their peers. While they certainly weren’t changing anyone’s mind about the world we live in thirty years on, this record probably provides a better time capsule about what it was actually like to be a punk in the U.K. in the early ‘80s. The reissue sounds good and is certainly geared towards the “audiophile” crowd in punk collectors rather than the history buffs, as there is a lack of contextual liner notes (something any of these reissues should contain, in my opinion). 

 –Ian Wise (Drastic Plastic)