ANTI-FLAG: Underground Network: CD

Sep 11, 2009

Impressed by their track on the latest Fat Wreck comp., I went out and bought their release. I know these guys have put out numerous releases but I thought they were a hype band. Sometimes when I hear too much about a band, I will pass on them. I almost missed out. Well my foot is in my mouth. These guys wear their politics on their shoulders and I feel their passion. In the early-to-mid 80's, I was into many political bands. As time went on, it seemed that many world issues that were going on were being sung less and less by bands of the moment. More and more you were listening to bands singing about personal issues. The politics were not heavily addressed. These guys are a breath of fresh air. I know when I was young, a lot of anarchist bands from the past introduced me to things like injustices from around the world, vivisection, vegetarianism and many other issues. Kids need to hear from people who they relate with to get some information that modern media will not disclose. Bands many times spark new ideas that people can investigate for themselves and create activism. Music-wise, they are a step above many of the generic street punk bands of the current norm. They have musicianship, great writing skills, and are able to throw out their beliefs. An important band that hopefully will make the current generation of kids aware and independently think for themselves.

 –don (Fat)