ANTI-FLAG: For Blood and Empire: Picture Disc

Sep 05, 2006

I know that Anti-Flag enraged many with their jump to the majors. The message boards were in overdrive with post after post of sell out and betrayal. As I listen to their major label debut, I don’t hear any deviation to their sound or lyrics. The production is bigger but not super glossy from their past releases. I have to support them because I think they are a great gateway band that can be distributed widely to the masses. Their message to me is genuine and can convert a kid to seek out more bands of the DIY variety because something touched them personally. I know that 99 percent of the more serious punk aficionados started with a band that was either bigger or mainstream. That brings in a new generation of active punks who put forth a greater contribution to the scene. That participation has kept the underground DIY scene alive twenty-plus years. The DIY scene is the best ever and there is a reason for so many active people in the scene today. People one way or another being introduced to punk. I hope A-F like Bad Religion, NOFX, and others bring people in to the DIY fold. Even though this on a major, I have had a soft spot for A-F. They have a knack for writing infectiously melodic songs. The passion Justin Sane puts into his lyrics help too. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they do make catchy music.

 –don (A-F)